Want to be a registered Supplier to Sports Club Assist?


The essence of our business, as a Process Manager, is to provide to our clients, a cost effective, quality product, each and every time.

We therefore ensure that all suppliers to our business, can likewise, provide a cost effective and quality product.

One of the exciting parts of what we do, is working within all corners of the State of Queensland, and getting the opportunity to not only help our clients, but also, use where possible, local contractors and suppliers to help us deliver the work too. This strategy means we get to keep as much of the community building together in as many ways possible.

The process of selection and evaluation of suppliers is structured in a user friendly ‘pre-qualification’ questionnaire, allowing suppliers and contractors the opportunity to share with us, their capabilities and skills, so we can ideally approve them onto our Contractor/Supplier Panel.

To provide equal opportunities to all our suppliers, we strive to :

– ensure that each supplier complying with our requirements takes part in the selection procedure
– negotiate openly with suppliers

Suppliers can expect that employees of Sports Club Assist shall :

– act neutrally and professionally within relationships with suppliers
– cooperate with representatives of suppliers with the aim to achieve mutual benefits
– cooperate with suppliers by specifying delivery terms and conditions
– provide information concerning deliverables and payments
– be well informed of each project and their requirements
– inform supplier of all changes throughout the delivery fulfillment.

Sports Club Assist strives to support long term partnership cooperation with selected suppliers for further development and maintenance of sources necessary for achieving the required quality for reasonable price.

If you are therefore a supplier of; Professional Sports and Social club equipment, building supplies, and or a Licensed builder in the State of Queensland, and are interested in receiving our ‘pre-qualification pack’ please enter your details here……