Rugby League Clubs

This is a recent job we have just done in a rugby league club in Brisbane where they had an existing carpet that was over 12 years old that had many, many years of abuse and heaps of muddy boots walking all over it. I wish we had got the ‘before’ shots as the carpet really had seen better days. For this job we also installed vinyl around the bar area to ensure that this met with current regulations. The floor covering we have used here is specifically designed for extremely high use areas and is stain and spill resistant. The product carries a 25 year performance warranty and we are very confident it will be able to take all the abuse that is thrown at it. Rugby League Clubs, like any other field sports clubhouses, tend to take a bit of punishment in the on season so it is necessary to put down the most durable floor covering to get the best possible life out of it. The improvement to the clubhouse is enjoyed by everyone, players and parents alike. If you are involved with a sporting group that you think could benefit from a bit of a freshen up then carpeting is a great way to revive any building.