Ongoing Grant Funding Model


If you are a qualifying non-profit organisation and are looking for a way to access ongoing grant funding then we will be working hard to get a constant stream of funding in place for you. This may see you able to access funding of up to $35,000 each quarter. But to be eligible for this level of grant funding takes a great deal of organisation and discipline to make sure that everything is completed in time to qualify for the next round of funding.

That is where we come into our own. Our business is built on the back of delivering club improvements in a timely manner so that a rolling programme of upgrades can be scheduled.


Grant Funding Cycle

The diagram below graphically illustrates the steps involved.





What sort of commitment does the club need to provide?

If you would like to partner up with us to develop your facilities, you will most importantly NOT be committing the club/organisation to any financial expense whatsoever. All that we would ask is you commit to using us exclusively as the principal contractor for any improvement opportunity that we have done the grant application work for. After all we will be investing time and money to ensure your funding application is successful. Ideally though, we would like to create a long term relationship where we are regarded as a trusted and valued partner.

If funding is successfully received we will carry out the improvement works and you will be required to sign an agreement with us as the principal contractor to agree the scope of works to be carried out (this ensures that all the relevant insurances and Building Services Authority licensing requirements are met). Please note that all sub-contractors will be responsible to us as the principal contractor to meet their contracted obligations. This way we make sure that everything runs smoothly.

Our Guarantee

If you are not completely satisfied with the work that we have carried out for you, we guarantee to complete the job to your satisfaction within 14 days. This is a no quibble guarantee.