Grant Funding Questions


Q. We’re not a sports club, can you still help?

Absolutely, as long as you are a not-for-profit organisation we can help you. Grant funding is available for every not-for-profit so if you are a school P&C or a Dragon Boat Club, we can help you out.

Q. Do you take care of all the paperwork?

Yes, when starting a new project we will get contractors to attend on site and provide us with written quotes for the job in question. We will then write the grant application for you and summit all the necessary supporting documentation. Grant funding is a specialised skill that we will be very happy to take care of for you.

Q. What if council approval is required?

If you lease a council owned property then you need to discuss your intended improvements prior to submitting a grant application to ensure that the improvement works would be acceptable to them. We ensure that all necessary council approvals are obtained prior to  commencement of any works on council owned properties. Or if you prefer you can liaise with your council contact to help with this process.

Q. Is it possible to be considered for four grants a year?

No it is virtually impossible due to the length of time between the announcement of grants. It would be possible to potentially get in to two rounds per year. But that’s where the benefit of using us really comes to the fore, we want you to be doing as many projects a year and will be actively encouraging you to develop a long term plan of improvements for the club.

Q. What happens if our grant funding application is unsuccessful?

As there is no guarantee that you will be funded, if you are unsuccessful in one round we will happily re-submit for the next round. In our experience there is a high likelihood that you will receive funding if the grant funding application is submitted correctly, though there are never any guarantees to the grant funding process.

Q. Who is the main point of contact during the actual improvements?

At all times we are the main point of contact as we are in constant communication with the contractors to ensure the process plan is being met.

Q. How long are the works guaranteed for?

Given that the works are carried out in accordance with the Queensland Building and Construction Comission, all works are covered for a period of 6 years and 3 months.

Q. Are all the insurance and public risk aspects taken care of?

As most of our clients tend to operate in public places and sometimes on council owned property, then there is a responsibility on the part of the contractor to ensure that all necessary insurance is in place. This is verified by us as the process management team prior to the commencement of any work.

Q. How do we qualify for the next round of funding?

If you have acquitted (that is spent and accounted for) all the funds in the previous quarter, then you are eligible to apply again in the next round of funding. We will work to ensure this process is taken care of for you so that we can continue the programme of works uninterrupted.

Q. Are there any catches or unforeseen expenses the club will end up having to pay?

Absolutely not! Guaranteed.